SPHM Technology Innovation Award

In recognition of the essential partnership between end users and technology companies, the International Journal of SPHM is sponsoring the first SPHM Technology Innovation Award. The award will be presented at the conference dinner at the 1st International SPHM Conference and Expo to be held in Atlanta, GA in September 2018.

Each submission will be judged by a team of international SPHM experts using the following criteria:

  • The innovation
  • The problem the technology solves
  • The technology’s compatibility with existing SPHM equipment (if appropriate)
  • Ease of use for the end user
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • How intuitive the technology is to use

The SPHM Technology Innovation Award can be awarded for the following innovations:

  • A new technology
  • A modification of an existing technology that addresses a specific SPHM or SPHM-related problem
  • A new approach to the use of an existing technology that addresses a wider agenda than it was originally intended for
  • A new way of branding a technology to meet the needs of end users

For the purpose of the award, “technology” means equipment, slings, or other accessories that relate to the safe patient handling and mobility of patients or residents. The nomination may be completed by the vendor who has created the technology or an end user who has experience with the technology. The vendor must be in attendance to accept the award.

The closing date for submissions was July 31, 2018. All entries received an email confirmation. You will be contacted if there are any further questions, and we look forward to the award presentation at the conference!