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Recognized across the world as a leading resource in SPHM & Falls Management

Formerly known as the American Journal of SPHM, and later, the International Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM), the International Journal of SPHM & Falls Management (IJSPHM & Falls Management) is recognized as the global resource for research and publication by experts, member associations, and vendors in these 3 clinical subject areas. 

The addition to our name, effective January 1, 2023, represents the gradual recognition by health care professionals and subject matter experts that safe patient handling, early and continuous mobility, and falls prevention and management can no longer be addressed as 3 different initiatives in silos that are neither productive nor effective and are a terrible drain on the valuable human resources within health care facilities. They all fall under the same umbrella and can be addressed as such. Often the solution to a problem with one initiative is the solution to another.  

Specifically designed to meet differing learning styles

The new IJSPHM & Falls Management is designed to meet the differing learning styles and generational preferences of our readers:

The only peer-reviewed resource dedicated to SPHM & Falls Management

With an impressive team of experts on the editorial review board, the journal publishes original research, literature reviews, case studies, and articles on how IJSPHM & Falls Management has been integrated into specific clinical areas, formally evaluated SPHM successes and challenges for others to learn from, and evidence-based equipment evaluations, to name but a few. 

As the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the SPHM industry, and now fall management, the IJSPHM & Falls Management is the perfect choice for submitting your manuscripts in all these areas of patient and staff safety. We also have a mentorship program for first-time authors to offer support and guidance as you write your manuscript.  

We welcome your feedback and contributions! 

Your Global resource for Safe Patient Handling, Mobility, and Falls Management

Keep your staff & team at the forefront of research, education, and practices for Safe Patient Handling & Mobility.

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