Emma Collins, MHSc, RN

Emma Collins is a physiotherapist with an MSc in Employment Rehabilitation. She has experience in private practice and for the last 17 years has worked in Occupational Health and Manual Handling across a couple of different NHS boards and a large local authority. Emma is the National Musculoskeletal Lead for the Scottish Ambulance Service and is involved in all that would affect the musculoskeletal health of the staff who work in the organization. Her work includes manual handling equipment choices, vehicle layouts, manual handling training and procedures, musculoskeletal health promotional information, return to work assessments and complex risk assessments for staff or patient situations, as well as Display screen equipment assessments for control or support staff. Emma is also the Chairperson for the Scottish Manual Handling Forum, a member of the Scottish Manual Handling Passport Review Group and is a Trustee for the National Back Exchange.

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