Virtual Leadership Day

The first virtual leadership day to be hosted by the International Journal of SPHM & Falls Management proved to be a great success. Developed as a precursor to the 3-Day Back to the SPHM Future summit in April 2024, Using a Relationship-Based Approach for Effective Leadership, focused on one of the biggest challenges many program leaders experience, how to initiate change when you do not have the vertical line authority to do so. The day started with an audience-engaging presentation by Dr. Kimberly Falco, who focused on the role of the project leader.

Next was a presentation on the intricacies and skills required for effective horizontal leadership, an approach underpinned by influence and respect, rather than authority.  

Kelly Moed then gave a great presentation on how to communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization. 

After a presentation on effective time management, by Heather Monaghan and D. Kimberly Falco, Dawn Moran gave an interesting talk based on the principles of the Way of the Shepherd written by Leman and Pentak. 

Finally the day closed with 3 short presentations on tools for personal growth and development including reflective practice, expressing gratitude and seeking out a mentor. 

If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see in future leadership days to help you become more successful in your role, let us know at

“I enjoyed the emphasis on value to people not production, and the focus on changes to culture as the long-term and sustainable correction philosophy.”

“I appreciate the heart, the work, and thought that went into these presentations.” 

“I hope these tips and strategies can help me to become a more solid leader and a larger part of the team.”

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