International Round Table Discussion: Safe Patient Handling & Movement Program Development and Sustainability



Over the years I’m sure many readers of this journal have been involved with either leading or playing a significant role in the implementation of an SPHM program. Initially there is enthusiasm by staff, especially when they are engaged in equipment fairs and the education is made fun and interesting. The technology is new to most of the staff and many “aha” moments are observed as they realize how and when the different technologies can be used. The SPHM committee is established, different professional groups are engaged at varying levels, initial funding is made available, and technology purchased. But what happens after that is a much bigger challenge. That is the challenge of program sustainability. As each area of the facility is brought into the SPHM program, enthusiasm in other areas may start to fall off. It may become more difficult to sustain the existing program and build upon what is already working. This roundtable discussion involves 3 SPHM experts who have led the implementation of an SPHM program. In their conversation they discuss the greatest challenges they faced, from implementation to sustainability, and what they would like to see in an ideal world.

Turner, R, Hawkins, R, Her, C

Key words: Safe patient handling, program sustainability, leadership

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