Is there a need for Lift or Mobility Teams within the ICU and beyond?



There has been much controversy over the implementation of lift teams as a strategy to improve the safety of how patients are lifted, transferred and repositioned, with the jury still out as to whether lift teams empower nurses to provide better care for their patients or encourage them to relinquish their role in patient mobility. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the focus on early mobility in ICUs and beyond and this has again raised the question as to whose responsibility is it to mobilize the patient. The following discussion looks at this issue and includes representation from Germany, Denmark and the USA.

Bryon Graulich MSHCA, ATC, PTA, CEAS
Manon Labreche, PT CEAS
Peter Nydahl, RN, MScN
Thomas Strøm M.D. Ph.D

Keywords: Lift Teams, Early Mobility, ICU, Safe Patient Handling

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