Evaluation of a Tool Kit for Safe Patient Handing in the Home Care Setting


One time download – from March 2011 issue



The purpose of this study was to provide safe patient handling equipment for home health care workers and demonstrate a decrease in musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. A portable Tool Kit was created specifically for home health aides for use in patient homes. A mixed method design using quantitative and qualitative measures was utilized to measure success in reducing musculoskeletal discomfort. Ninety percent of aides who reported lower back pain seven days pre study reported no lower back pain seven days post study after using the Tool Kit for two months (p=.004). There was significant reduction in total body areas with reported pain, including upper back, neck, and lower back (p=.000, d=.87). Interviews revealed aides were able to use sit-to-stand and overhead lifts, sliding sheets, air-powered mattresses, and gait belts successfully. The Tool Kit provided home health aides with choices to work safely, and the equipment worked well in homes.

Capewell RA, Brown DA, Rockefeller K

Keywords: home health care, intervention, ergonomic measures, equipment, safe patient handling