Special Feature: Prone Positioning Using a Ceiling Lift



Prone positioning is often recommended for patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) to improve gas exchange and for preventing ventilator-induced lung injury. Some patients with COVID-19 develop ARDS, thus prone positioning may play a critical role in their treatment and recovery. If a patient’s clinical care team determines that prone positioning is appropriate for the patient, then the following guide provides a method of proning a patient using 2 rectangular repositioning slings (46 inches wide x 86 inches length) and a ceiling lift. This method requires less staff than manual proning technique and facilitates turning of the patient once in a prone position to reduce the risk of pressure injuries. This method has been used successfully to prone patients in adult and pediatric intensive care units at a large hospital in the North West for over 4 years. However, the technique must be adapted as needed, based on the patient’s clinical needs, body habitus, and the ceiling lift equipment and sling being used.

Enos L


One time download – from March 2020 Issue