The Use of Friction-Reducing Devices in a Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Program



Friction-reducing devices are a low-cost solution in the patient handling arena compared to mechanical solutions, such as floor-based lifts or ceiling lifts. Ideally placed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries sustained from repositioning patients or moving patients laterally from one surface to another, FRDs are available in a variety of forms including slide sheets/tubes, air-assisted devices, slide boards, and roller boards, and should be included in any safe patient handling program as part of the equipment continuum. The purpose of this article is to discuss various types of non-mechanical friction-reducing products, their advantages and disadvantages, safety considerations, and how they can be utilized in specific departments.

Baptiste-McKinney A, Halvorson B

Keywords: safe patient handling, friction-reducing devices, slide boards, roller boards, slide sheets, air-assisted devices

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