Endoscopy Staff Injury: A Serious Problem Hiding in Plain Sight



It is common knowledge that nursing can be a physically demanding and even dangerous profession. What is not highly
publicized is the degree and severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) suffered by endoscopy nurses and technicians
as a result of patient handling duties. MSDs in an endoscopy unit affect more than just staff; they compromise patient
care and have a financial impact on healthcare facilities. Safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) programs provide
a high return on investment by allowing facilities to be proactive in identifying and addressing costly patient handling
problems. This article explores the extent, nature, and root causes of endoscopy staff MSDs as well as potential solutions
to the problem, including ergonomic training and medical devices. It is intended as a primer for SPHM professionals
(and others) interested in learning more about patient handling issues in gastroenterology/endoscopy.

Larissa Biggers, BA, MA

Keywords: Safe Patient Handling, Endoscopy

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