eUlift, an Innovative App to Support Caregivers in Safe Patient Handling



Patient handling evokes work-related injuries in caregivers. The current training modules for patient handling are often insufficient to prevent these injuries, whereas mobile technology offers new opportunities for in-service training of caregivers. Therefore, the eUlift application was developed to offer caregivers substantiated and safe patient handling techniques in daily practice. The application starts from the knowledge of the techniques to the reviewing of the basic conditions. The app combines evidence-based contents with a very detailed description of the execution of techniques and postures, supported by 3D animations. Caregivers working at a hospital or home care received an introduction and tutorial on the eUlift app. Through a questionnaire, the perception of an innovative app for patient handling in practice was mapped. From 71 respondents, we found a high positive perception of the eUlift app to assist caregivers with patient handling techniques. The eUlift app is a new and innovative tool with the potential to support caregivers choosing adequate patient handling techniques.

Ollevier A, Goderis T, Schiettekatte S, Osstyn S, Carron PF

Keywords: safe patient handling, caregivers, ergonomics, mobile technology, education

One time download – from December 2021 Issue.